In addition to his academic appointment as a Teaching Professor of Psychology, Kevin Bennett, PhD, is the program coordinator for the psychology degree at The Pennsylvania State University Beaver Campus and a non-resident fellow at the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health (UD/MH) based in London. 

His research—psychological science at the intersection of urban design and mental health—explores what it means to belong and not belong to the places that surround us. 

He uses social, personality, and evolutionary perspectives to answer one big question: "How can we move full speed into the future while holding on the parts of the past that we love?" 

Bennett is a contributor to Psychology Today and his work can be seen in the Chicago Tribune, Salon, Popular Science, Business Insider and many others. He has appeared on, or been featured in national and local news, radio and TV including the New York Post, Sports Illustrated, China Global Television Network, Talk Radio London on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, and others.

Dr. Bennett earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from City, University of London in the UK and holds degrees from the University of New Mexico (M.S., Experimental Psychology) and the University of Michigan (B.A., Psychology). 

He teaches courses in applied social psychology, personality science, evolutionary psychology and the psychology of serial killers and mass murderers.

"We have an opportunity right now—some might say a duty—to improve happiness and well-being through programs of urban planning and design that are informed by social, personality, and evolutionary science."


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Ph.D., Psychology: 

City, University of London, London, UK         

M.S., Experimental Psychology, Minor in Quantitative Psychology: 

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

B.A., Psychology, Psi Chi, University Honors:

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA      


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Psychology 100 Introductory Psychology

Psychology 221 Social Psychology

Psychology 238 Personality Theories

Psychology 269 Evolutionary Psychology

Psychology 424 Applied Social Psychology

Psychology 467 The Psychology of Serial and Mass Murder

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