Hey, Sports Fans...

Can sports fanatics go too far? Many people wear jerseys, hats, and face paint. Some get tattoos. What about faithful supporters who get buried in team gear? Dr. Bennett speaks to Fan N'ATion on KDKA-TV Pittsburgh about this phenomenon.

Popularity of Rage Rooms

Rage rooms, or anger rooms, have grown in popularity in recent years. Should we embrace them as a healthy outlet for anxiety and frustration, or do they do more harm than good? Bennett talks about it with host   Elaine Reyes on CGTN-TV America.

Psychology of Emotions

An outdoor art instillation on the Penn State Beaver campus is asking students to think about their current emotional state. Dr. Bennett talks about the adaptive function of emotions.

Why coffee table books are a thing, according to psychologists (interview for online article).

Are lotteries an effective strategy to boost vaccination rates? (interview for radio, television, and online article for WCBE Ohio NPR).

Pandemic fever got you down? Smash up stuff at the rage room. (interview for online article).

How (and why) the premature championship tattoo became the ultimate badge of fan loyalty (magazine interview).

A psychologist explains why clowns are so scary (newspaper interview).