The big question: 

"How can we move full speed into the future, while holding onto the parts of the past that we love?"

Using social, personality, and evolutionary perspectives, Dr. Bennett's research explores what it means to belong—and not belong—to the places that surround us.

 Personality science at the intersection of 
urban design & mental health

Rage rooms, or anger rooms, have grown in popularity in recent years. Should we embrace them as a healthy outlet for anxiety and frustration, or do they do more harm than good? Bennett talks about it with host Elaine Reyes on CGTN-TV America.

Can sports fanatics go too far? Many people wear jerseys, hats, and face paint. Some get tattoos. What about faithful supporters who get buried in team gear? Dr. Bennett speaks to Fan N'ATion on KDKA-TV Pittsburgh about this phenomenon.

Post-pandemic design and well-being. Article published by The Urban Transcripts Journal

Serenity now! Is there room in the modern urban landscape to carve out special spaces for venting anger? Article published by Sanity and Urbanity, an online magazine hosted by The Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health, London, UK. 

Four questions to ask before designing the personality of tomorrow’s conscious cities. Article published by Data Driven Investor (DDI), an online magazine covering technology, finance, and society. 

No, turkey doesn’t make you sleepy – but it may bring more trust to your Thanksgiving table. Article originally published in The Conversation. Republished in Chicago Tribune-Review, San Francisco Chronicle, Popular Science, Business Insider,, Houston Chronicle, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mercury News (San Jose, CA), Maui news, KING-TV online (Seattle, WA), 9News-TV online (Denver, CO), WWL-TV online (New Orleans, LA), 12News-TV online (Phoenix, AZ), WUSA-TV online (Washington, DC), and 50+ online and print news outlets. 

Will the new social robots in tomorrow’s conscious cities rely on the same old personality traits? Article published by Brainwaves, an online magazine hosted by Conscious Cities, London, UK. 

An outdoor art instillation on the Penn State Beaver campus is asking students to think about their current emotional state. Dr. Bennett talks about the adaptive function of emotions.