Immersive Experiences

What role will behavioral science play in designing the personal augmented ecosystems of tomorrow?

The Personality of AI

Will the new social robots in tomorrow’s conscious cities rely on the same old personality traits? 

The Fourth Transformation

Psychological science on the eve of the Fourth Transformation: Will spatial computing make us better citizens? 

Augmented Reality Ecosystems

What are augmented, virtual, and mixed realities? And how will these new ecosystems shape human behavior? 

Natural vs. Artificial Environments

What are the meaningful ways in which modern built environments differ from ancestral surroundings?

Evolved Habitat Biases

The savanna hypothesis argues that evolution shaped  decision rules that attract us to resource rich environments over resource poor environments.  . 

Emotion Machines

What happens when we prejudge the new emotional robots?

Immersive Landscapes

Landscape preferences: Climate and weather. How do psychological processes interact with forces of climate and weather?

Urban Transcripts

Searching for Utopia and well-being in post-pandemic design