K    E    V    I    N            

B    E    N    N    E    T    T     

P   H.   D.


K E V I N   B E N N E T T 

I S   


Don’t get mad, get untangled!

To all the chronic overanalyzers out there...the feeling is real. Everything is dangerous, tomorrow is scary, and you don’t belong here—argh! Now what? 

In this super-chill audio experience, Professor Kevin Bennett shows how stories of chaos and change are best understood through the lens of psychological belonging. 

Work Illustrated

This is my entire professional workflow in just four cartoon steps. Cool, huh? Wait, is THIS all I do in life? Nah. There is a 73% chance I am making oatmeal at home right now. Doy.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my amazing family and my beloved computer.  


Kevin Bennett, Ph.D.
The Pennsylvania State University Beaver Campus

Here I am on a humid day trekking through nature with my suit and tie.

Remember when Marty McFly's family was fading away in that photo from Back to the future? Look closely at this pic...

Just kidding! No one is standing next to me. (I'm actually resting atop one of those gigantic front wheeled old-timey bicycles [cropped out]).

Here are some other things you should know about me:

  • Teaching Professor of Psychology 
  • Program Coordinator for the Penn State Beaver psychology degree
  • Fellow and editorial board member at the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health (UD/MH).
  • Research: Social, personality, and evolutionary approaches to understanding human behavior.
  • Author of the Modern Minds column in Psychology Today 
  • Creator of the Kevin Bennett is Snarling podcast.


  • Ph.D., Psychology, City, University of London, UK         
  • M.S., Experimental Psychology, minor in Quantitative Psychology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • B.A., Psychology, Psi Chi, University Honors,  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Courses Offered

  • Psy 100 Introductory Psych
  • Psy 221 Social Psych
  • Psy 238 Personality Theories
  • Psy 269 Evolutionary Psych
  • Psy 424 Applied Social Psych
  • Psy 467 Serial and Mass Murderers


email:  klb48@psu.edu

office:  03F Ross Administration Building

Kevin Bennett
Penn State Beaver

100 University Dr. 
Monaca, PA 15061-2799

A penny-farthing, c. 1882