Don't get mad, Get untangled

 "Everything is risky, tomorrow is scary,” and “I don’t belong here, Dr. Bennett!” moaned quite a few people hoping he—or anyone—was listening . Then it dawned on the good professor that we are all struggling to make sense of a world tangled by danger, deception, and desire.

That’s why Kevin Bennett is snarling.

The secret to undoing the snarl and breaking free from tangles, he discovered, is hidden deep inside one of the most fundamental human social desires: the need to belong. 

Want to hear more? Join him on the only psychology show made for curious and cool (but chronically stuck) over-analyzers. 

If you like personality, mental health, urban design, music, food, evolutionary science, and serial killers you will love Dr. Bennett's Modern Minds column in Psychology Today magazine.

Dr. Bennett's entire professional workflow illustrated in just four cartoon steps. Cool, huh? In addition, there is a 73% chance he is making oatmeal at home right now.

He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his amazing family and beloved computer.  

Here is Professor Bennett wearing a suit and tie. Perfect for trekking through nature on a humid and sunny day!

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Kevin Bennett, Ph.D.
Penn State University
Beaver Campus

Teaching Professor of Psychology 

Program Coordinator for the Penn State Beaver BA/BS psychology degree

Fellow and editorial board member at the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health, UD/MH

Author of the Modern Minds column in Psychology Today 

Creator and host of the Kevin Bennett is Snarling podcast